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Stuff You 'Outta Know: Mental Health Resources for Western Students

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

by Elisabeth Edwards

No matter how effortless it looks on Instagram, adjusting to University life is one of the biggest challenges for new students. Whether you’re from across the globe, the country, the province or the ever-expansive Democratic Republic of Toronto, starting at a school as large and bustling as Western can trigger a wave of to-do lists, worries, and new experiences that only add to that ensuing mountain of readings, assignments and due dates.

2018 was, and continues to be, one of Western’s most devastating and impactful years for student mental health — which makes now, more than ever, an important time to spread awareness about available wellness resources on and off campus. With all this being said, here is your guide to finding the best resources for information and help with health and wellness, balancing school and stress, academics, homesickness and more — no matter what you may be experiencing, there is someone willing to help! These resources are accessible, discreet, compassionate, free, and available year-round to every Mustang. Be sure to keep this article in your dorm room or on your fridge, and share it with your friends!

Residence Counselling

“Feeling stressed out? Lacking motivation? Missing your family? Struggling to make friends? Having relationship problems? Anything we missed? If you need to talk, Residence Counselling is here to listen and help!”

One of the best resources for students living in Main Residence buildings is residence counselling, which provides free short term counselling sessions for students focused around mental wellbeing, navigating your new life at school, and even mindfulness techniques!

Send an email to or drop by their office in room 3C10 of Ontario Hall.

Student Development Centre

“Western’s Student Development Centre provides professional, confidential psychological services free of charge to all Western students”.

Another counselling resource centre for students, regardless of where you’re living, is the Student Development Centre in the Western Student Services building (located beside the UCC). The Development Centre provides students with a wide range of services; from individual and crisis counselling to educational lecture series’ and group sessions. They also offer walk-in single sessions, so if you’re feeling like you need someone to talk to, but not too sure what help you need, the Development Centre is a great place to start!

Find them in room 4100 of the Western Student Services Building, or give them a call to book an appointment: 519-661-3031.

Wellness Education Centre

“We provide ALL Western students— undergraduate, graduate, and professional students—with personalized assistance navigating mental health and other wellness resources in a welcoming, central location on campus. Drop in today – we can’t wait to meet you!”

Most students walk by the Wellness Centre every day, it’s welcoming staff and engaging events, like guest speakers advocating for wellness, Movies for Mental Health, and yoga classes are just a few of the programs aimed at making wellness education fun and accessible.

The “WEC” is open every day from 10am to 4pm in Room 76 of the UCC, right across from the Bookstore.

Reach Out

Let’s not forget that the BEST resources you can find are just an arms length away! Reach out to your roommates, Sophs, RA’s and campus staff; anyone you feel the most comfortable talking to. Sometimes the smallest “me too” from a friend can validate what you’ve been struggling with, and continuing the conversation on mental health with transparency and compassion helps to push Western’s boundaries for awareness and proactive wellness resources even further. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your TA or professor to seek accommodations because of poor mental health, if needed!

*If you or a loved one is in crisis and needs immediate support, call REACH OUT London: 519-433-2023 or visit their website at

REACH OUT provides free mental health and addictions crisis support both over the phone and through a mobile intervention team that will come to your door to assist you.  

Cited: — UWO Psychological Services at the Student Development Centre — UWO Wellness Education Centre — REACH OUT London

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