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20 FIMS Courses You Should Be Taking

Written By: Elizabeth Lam

Courses to take if you’re a non-stop-content-creating machine:

DC 2204A: Intro to Graphic Design

MIT 2601A/B: Introduction to Video Theory and Production

MIT 3430B: Special Topics in MIT: The Theory and Practice of Making

MIT 3470B: Special Topics in MIT: Mobile Journalism

MIT 3664B: Special Topics in MIT: Multimedia Journalism

MIT 3776A/B: Podcasting and Audio Journalism

MIT 38332G: Documentary Media

Courses that will boggle your mind and change your perspective about the world we live in:

MIT 2151A/B: Consumer Society

MIT 3216F/G: The Culture of Consumption

MIT 3404F: Special Topics in MIT: Fan Cultures

MIT 3935F/G: Race, Class, and Social Power

Courses that will teach you anything and everything about digital marketing:

DC 2001A/B: Social Media

DC 2200F/G: Social Networking

DC 2305F/G: Special Topics in MIT: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

DC 3209F/G: Social Media & Organizations

MIT 3373F/G: Social Media & Organizations

MIT 3375F/G: Social Networking

Courses that will have you constantly chasing hard-hitting headlines:

MIT 3833F: Arts & Entertainment Journalism

MIT 3856G: Blogs, Columns, & Op-Eds

MIT 3857G: Public Relations

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