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FIMS-y Halloween Costumes

By: Alysha Bauer

Cyborg Moth

As we all look back to first year and involuntarily shudder, we can’t help but to recall our poorly written essays from 1020. This Halloween, it’s time to dress as our own freshman nightmare, the Cyborg Moth. Pick up a cyborg bodystocking from (that can double as an Ava from Ex Machina costume), and a pair of moth wings from Amazon Prime.

Ashley O

Have you grown out of your Hannah Montana costume? We live and breathe Black Mirror here in the FIMS building so why not try out this look from one of our favorite characters from Season 5 of the show, Ashley O. Create this look with a silver two-piece set (this one is from a pink bob wig (Amazon), silver boots (FashionNova), and to top it all off, carry around a Google Home (or give Siri some love) to stand in as Ashley Too.


We’re taking possession of this term the STEM majors have affectionately donned us with. Raid your mom’s closet, and don’t forget your diaper bag!

Warren Steele

Do you live within the sway of Gestell? Boy, do I have a Nihilistic costume for you. This 2500 prof has tons of cute and quirky iconic quotes so try carrying around a sign that says “death is inevitable” or “see you next week” to really add to your look!

Happy Halloween FIMS!

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