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How to Be Your Own Psychic

Written By: Lis Edwards

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lis is a FIMS student, and local intuitive psychic and energy healer who has been practicing professionally for over three years. She offers oracle card readings, chakra balancing, and soul guidance sessions from her home in London.

Let’s go on a little vision-quest, shall we? Start by imagining what a psychic looks like to you; a crystal ball, velvet everywhere, strange herbs, potions even? I’m sorry but no amount of Sabrina episodes on Netflix could prepare you for the real answer. Just look in the mirror - a psychic looks just like you!

I know what you’re thinking: I don’t have any special powers, I can’t talk to dead people, and that rose quartz I bought last year hasn’t brought me any romance! But what if I told you we all had access to psychic powers?

We all have a small voice inside our heads that speaks up when we feel this energy, but the older we get the more we are trained to ignore it. Do you ever see something out of the corner of your eye, but dismiss it as just the light? Do you ever smell or hear things that you can’t seem to identify the source of? Are you a sensitive person who absorbs other people’s stress when they talk about how overwhelmed with school work they are? Or maybe you find yourself drawn to crystals or cards or chakra work? If you said no to any of those things - don’t worry, it's not a requirement! The only requirement is your willingness to try something new regardless of how weird or crazy it may feel. Here is your crash course to awakening your inner psychic!

Creating a Peaceful Space

Regardless of what you’re planning on practicing (yoga, meditation, card readings, dreaming) you should work to keep a space that is peaceful and “clear” of negative energy. For most of us, our bedrooms are the perfect space! Here are some simple things you can do to make a peaceful, safe space.

Cleanse: Finding a cleansing practice that works for you is key! I mostly smudge with white sage (a practice used by many Indigenous cultures that uses smoke from sacred medicines to cleanse), but you can also use incense, candles, or anything that you can reach for to help make your room feel comfortable.

Remove Clutter: Be sure to keep your room physically and energetically clean! Our spaces will impact our mental state, so a clean room means a peaceful mind!

Bring in some nature: Having living things in your space will also help to make it feel calming! Houseplants are a great place to start. Using live plants will keep the air clean, bring some life to your room, and most importantly they are way better for the environment than plastic plants! You can also forage greenery, branches, or cool rocks and trinkets to bring the outside indoors.

Let the light in: I don’t know about you, but my room is all about the perfect lighting. I can’t stand harsh, bright lights - especially since us students have to sit under them all day in classrooms! Opening the curtains to let in natural light will help cleanse the space (and get you some of that vitamin D!) You can also try fairy lights, lamps, and candles in the evening to keep the serene vibe going!

Using Crystals

Crystals are getting more and more mainstream lately, and I’m so happy that more people are opening up to their abilities! A crystal is really just a rock or mineral that attunes to a specific frequency that gives it healing abilities. Crystals are everywhere, there is quartz in your cell phone, silicon in your laptop, and LCD TV’s use liquid crystal to conduct energy.

Healing crystals like amethyst, citrine, and quartz are used in countless ways, but the number one tip for finding the perfect crystal is this: do not pay any attention to what the purpose or meaning of it is. Many crystal shops will have a use or property attached to each crystal, and often it makes it really hard to find the right one if someone is telling you what you need. When I buy crystals, I never look up their uses or meanings, I simply buy what I’m drawn to. Often you’ll find one that feels extra beautiful to you, or you’ll pick it up and just can’t seem to put it down - just pay attention to how it makes you feel. Does it make you shake? Does it make you feel calm, or grounded, or uplifted? Once you find one that gives you the feeling you are looking for, buy it and look up it’s meaning after - you’ll be pretty surprised at just how perfect it is for you without you knowing why you bought it!

If you’re really new to crystals, here are a few “basic” ones to start with:

Citrine: Called “the merchant’s stone”, Citrine is known to manifest money, improves imagination, and attract positivity. It also helps to heal chronic fatigue. To me, this stone always looks like a little nugget of sunshine - I can’t help but smile when I see one!

Amethyst: Connected to your third eye and crown chakras, Amythest is perfect for expanding your intuitive power! It is also calming, making it a great stone for those who suffer with anxiety or trouble sleeping.

Black Tourmaline: One of the best cleansing crystals! If you feel attacked by negative energy, or struggle with anxiety and depression, this stone is a great sponge for absorbing those overwhelming thoughts. I often bring this stone with me to class or exams and use it like a fidget toy.

Fluorite: This stone is all about protection! I use this for psychic protection, which makes it especially helpful when you are first starting on your psychic journey. We can often become too open once we discover our intuitive power, acting like a beacon for entities to come in and mess with your energy. Use this stone when you meditate or using tarot cards!

Quick Tip: Once you buy a crystal, make sure to cleanse it to clear any unwanted energy and make room for your own! You can soak them overnight in a bowl of saltwater, or cleanse with herbs like sage or cedar.

Connecting to Your Higher Self

This is the most important part of becoming your own psychic! No amount of crystals, tapestries, and incense will magically activate your “powers” - in fact you don’t have to buy anything at all. All you need is yourself - your higher self to be exact.

What is my higher self? It goes by many names: Soul, Universe, or God to name a few, but you can call it whatever you want! Think of your higher self like the iCloud on your phone: your soul is way too big to fit all inside of one small body, so it exists beyond and outside of your body. The higher wisdom, intuition, and guidance you seek all exist in this outer cloud, you just have to know how to access it.

How do I access my higher self? It’s actually easier than you think!

Get Centred: The first step is to find a quiet, comfortable spot to sit on your own. Take the time to set the space so you won’t have any distractions - that means putting your phone on Airplane Mode, dimming the lights, finding any comfort like a candle or crystal or blanket, and finally settling into a seated position. You may also want to keep a journal nearby to write down any revelations after!

Breathe: I don’t want to use the word “meditate” here because it has so many negative connotations when it comes to your thoughts! The goal here is to listen to your thoughts, not make them go away. Start by doing some deep breathing and focusing your attention on a focal point or feeling like the rise and fall of your diaphragm. Just try to become present, put all your worries aside and focus on the reality that lies beyond your inner dialogue.

Ask, and it is Given: This is one of my favourite little quotes - it describes the Universe perfectly! If you are trying to access anything (a partner, money, or intuitive power) all you need to do is ask then wait to receive. It may take some time, the Universe will need to adjust your path and the others involved, but it will come. In this case, ask (in your head or out loud): may I have permission to talk with my higher self? Usually, I feel an upward energy in my spine instantly, almost as if my attention focuses on the third eye (between your eyebrows) - this is how I know I’ve connected to my higher self. Once you’re “connected”, ask for the knowledge you seek. Ask “how do I learn to manifest my future?”, “what can I do to be calmer?” or you can ask very specific questions about yourself or others in your life.

Listen Closely: This is by far the most important part, and it can sometimes take a while to learn (but practice makes perfect!) All you do is listen to your thoughts after you ask your question. Often it will be the very first thought that jumps into your head - listen to it, and don’t rationalize it away. Maybe the answer you hear makes no sense to you, but by listening and running with that thought you will begin to open up your intuition to new realms, new knowledge, and new power. If this doesn’t happen right away, don’t worry! These things take time, maybe your answer will trickle down into your subconscious in a dream, or appear in a conversation the next day.

Follow Up: Once you feel like you’ve received an answer, be sure to close off that doorway to your higher self. Leaving this open can sometimes lead to overwhelming energy that can cause you to be more anxious or manic. Say thank you, then focus your attention on the ground. Imagine roots coming from your legs and feet, connecting you to the present moment. You can also imagine warm wax dripping down from your head, hardening and sealing off the higher chakra points (crown and third eye).

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