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#Trending: Fall Fashion

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

by Marah Minor

It's almost that time of year again! We can almost smell autumn leaves and pumpkin spice in the air! New seasons mean a new excuse to upgrade your wardrobe and play with new styles, and fall is definitely no exception. Rather than sticking to your staple cable-knit, jeans, and over-the-knee boots we've created a list of this season's newest trends to keep you looking cool (and cozy) this fall!

Flare Jeans: This 70s trend has hit the stores again, and we’re excited! Flare jeans have been known to be the most universally flattering jean and will have anyone feeling their absolute best. They have a retro vibe but can be paired with anything to suit your personal style. Also, if you are on the shorter side, they make you look even taller!

Photo by Alexia Cain

Casual Suits: Pairing a relaxed blazer with a pair of your favourite jeans or trousers is the everyday suit look! It’s sophisticated, means business, but is not formal. This look can make you feel more confident when giving a class presentation, attending a meeting, or walking around campus. Own it!

Western Style Boots: This trend started coming to the forefront last year and has continued into the upcoming fall and winter seasons! Western- inspired boots are replacing the classic black ankle bootie. These boots can add a subtle (or not so subtle) detail with their ribbed or patterned texture. Although this trend may spook some at first, you will quickly grow to love the little something extra they provide for your outfit.

Photo by Alexia Cain

Mesh Layering: The fall season is all about layering. For the days when it isn’t too cold yet, mesh layering is an easy way to step up your outfit. Pairing a mesh short or long sleeve under a dress or tank top or putting a mesh button up over your outfit really steps it up. This layering is light and effortless. Have fun mixing up your looks with a mesh top!

Statement Sleeves: With this trend, the bigger the better! Statement sleeves include puffed shoulders, balloon sleeves and trumpet sleeves that flare out A top with this detail on the arms really catches your eye and can make a simple outfit look really put together. This trend is found on blouses, button-ups and sweaters. Once you start venturing outside the box with these unique sleeves, you won’t look back!

Photo by Alexia Cain

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