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The Top 5 ‘Reply All’ Episodes to Binge-Listen During Your Holiday Break

Looking to get lost in the Labyrinth of the Internet this Holiday break? Don't, take a break, disconnect, and let ‘Reply All’ take you into the depths of the world wide web. Download and listen to my favourite episodes of this podcast about the internet.

5. Adam Pisces and the $2 Coke

A weird entertaining inquiry into a corporate mystery about a recurring takeout order across all North American Domino's location for a single $2 Coke from a patron named Adam Pisces.

4. Is Facebook Spying on You?

Facebook and Instagram’s ad targeting is so good that everybody is convinced our devices are listening to us. Whether they are or not is still up in the air, but Reply All does a deep dive investigation into Facebook’s incredibly sophisticated, and invasive web tracker ‘Facebook Pixel’.

3. Boy In Photo

Reply All investigates a seemingly innocuous photo of a boy in the 90s and the incredibly odd cult following him and the other people in the album of pictures uploaded to the internet in the early aughts.

2. Zardulu

Have you seen the video of the human in a rat costume dragging pizza up the steps in the New York subway? Have you seen the original video? Reply All tracks down the origin of that video and dives deep into the story behind the two viral videos and the answer is both eerie and hilarious.

1. The Case of The Missing Hit

How does a hit single from the 90s disappear from the internet without a trace? And can an ambitious reporter and a guy with impeccable recall of the 21 year old pop-rock song find it? Find out and learn a bit about the tumultuous state of the music industry in the 1990s.

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