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The Signature FIMS Look: Denim Jackets

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

by Marah Minor

As a FIMS student, it is one of your duties to own (and rock) a denim jacket. It’s become the unofficial uniform of a media student, symbolizing our creative style and abundance of theoretical knowledge. The best part about denim jackets is how customizable they are to your style - here are five examples to inspire you for the upcoming school year!

The Thrifted Jacket: A brand you’ve never heard of, a slight rip in the sleeve, and a worn in fit that’s absolutely perfect, the vintage denim jacket found at thrift stores is unique and timeless!

The Patchwork Jacket: To add some extra personality to your look, the patchwork jacket can feature anything that you love! Pinned onto your chest and sleeves, patches make the everyday denim jacket have something extra special.

The Cropped Jacket: For those of us who want our piece to be a little more modern, the cropped denim jacket is perfect. Paired with high waisted jeans and a comfy tee or sweater underneath, the cropped jacket shines with its boxy flair.

The Distressed Jacket: Having rips in your denim jacket adds a more relaxed look to your outfit. Just like your ripped jeans, it allows adults to ask where the rest of your jacket has gone! Also, the cool thing about these is that you can make any jacket have some distress by doing it yourself! Save some money and watch a YouTube video to customize your very own distressed denim jacket.

The Oversized Jacket: On a day where comfort is much needed, the oversized denim jacket allows for you to layer under for extra warmth. You can never go wrong with this jacket, as you will be able to last all day feeling hugged by this essential oversized item.

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