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Teen Movies Ranked by How Poorly Administration Handled Conflict

Mrs. Norbury, Mean Girls

9/10: Good Intentions

When the Burn Book was released upon North Shore High School and the female school body went ballistic, Mr. Duvall, played by Tim Meadows, stepped in initially with a baseball bat, but then with the help of Ms. Norbury, played by Tina Fey, they used open communication to get to the root of each issue inside each clique. We give Mean Girls’ admin a 9/10 because of the outright dedication to solving the problems, minus 0.5 for the baseball bat, and 0.5 for publicly scapegoating Regina George.

The Harvard Law School Acceptance Committee, Legally Blonde

5/10: Male Gaze, but it worked out

The board of directors at Harvard Law gets recognition for ultimately accepting Elle’s (Reese Witherspoon) stereotypical hyper-feminine video resume, stating “she does have a 4.0 from CULA, and she got a 179 on her LSAT’s.” However, they lose 5 points for their hesitancy and the condescendingly phrased question “… a fashion major?”

Mr. Rooney, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

3/10: Over Involvement

Depending on your age and background, you may argue that Mr. Rooney, played by Jeffrey Jones, wasn’t the villain, just a principal doing his job. However, Mr. Rooney immediately questions the passing of Sloane's (Mia Sara) grandmother, asks to see the corpse, doesn’t do anything when he sees her kiss who he believes is her father, and trespasses on Ferris’s (Matthew Broderick) property. Overall Mr. Rooney was inappropriate and crossed professional boundaries at every turn.

Mr. Vernon, The Breakfast Club

0/10: Pure Evil

There is a special place at the bottom of the list for administrators that openly and maniacally abuse their powers. Mr. Vernon, played by Paul Gleason, immediately flexes his miniscule power over the kids with his list of rules; no talking, no moving, and write an essay about who they think they are. He picks on the kids based off of their social groups, focusing mainly on Bender, the stereotypical punk kid. He later taunts Bender (Judd Nelson), directly insulting him and his socio-economic position, and threatens to “kick the living shit out of him” after he graduates. The worst.

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