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Different Makeup Looks to Rock this Year's FIMS Formal

Whether you pay attention to the trends of NYFW or just binged all the episodes of Euphoria in a week, there’s one thing for sure: colourful eye makeup looks are in!

With FIMS formal just around the corner, you might be scrambling through your closet for that neon green dress, but in case you don’t have any colourful pieces lying around, the easiest way to incorporate this year’s neon theme is to pull out your most colourful makeup palette and try out a new look!

If you’re newer to the makeup world and don’t have as many blending brushes on hand, that’s okay! Here are a couple cool ways to spruce up your makeup routine for this year’s formal.


Look One: Neon Smokey Eye

A neon eye look is a lot easier than you may think. A hot pink, or bright orange eyeshadow can really help your eyes POP!

First, use a concealer as a base to get the best colour payoff. Then, take a clean blending brush to blend out the harsh edges. This is a nice, simple way to achieve an eyeshadow look that LOOKS hard to do, when in reality it only took you 5 minutes!


Look Two: Taking your Inner Corner Highlight to the Next Level

One of the hottest trends from last summer was to place a neon, or colourful eyeshadow in your inner corner. Doing a simple light brown shadow a pop of pink, yellow or purple in your inner corner will spruce up your eye look!


Look Three: Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

If you’re having some trouble working with brighter colours, then just remember: the more glitter the better. Use your finger to tap some glitter on your lid to bring more attention to your beautiful eyeshadow look!


Look Four: Neon Eyeliner

An easy way to bring some colour to your look is to try out a neon eyeliner! With bright colours trending this year, it’ll be easy to find a bright coloured eyeliner at the drugstore from brands like NYX. Want to try out this look but don’t want to purchase a new product? Try spraying an angled eyeshadow brush with some water, and dipping it into a bright eyeshadow colour.

If you’ve perfected your cat eye, then try to spruce it up with a neon green or a bright blue.


Look Five: Smokey Liner

Want to try out an eyeshadow look but have shaky hands? Try smoking out your lower lashline with a bright eyeshadow! Take it past your lower lashline to create a cool, sexy cat eye look.


Look Six: Go All Out!

FIMS formal is the only day where you could rock more of an abstract look sans judgement.

This look was a lot easier than it looks. Using different brushes, pack bright colours on different areas of your eyes. Tap some glitter into your inner corner to make it pop!

With minimal blending, this look can make you look like a makeup master, when in reality it's one of the easiest eye looks to pull off this Friday.

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Sep 21, 2021

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