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Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Starting university can be a challenging, daunting and scary task especially when it's not the experience you might have expected. One of my favourite aspects of the university is the ability to meet people from a variety of lifestyles and cultures. Let this be a resource to connect you to your cultural/ethnic community here at Western.

Here are some clubs, communities and organizations on campus to help you feel connected to Western and your community:

1. CAISA - Canadian Asian International Student Association

The Canadian Asian International Student Association (CAISA) is one of the largest and most active clubs at the Western University and prides itself on organizing a variety of events during the school year. The club looks to focus on providing over 400 members with the best student experience. As a diverse club, we are proud to offer opportunities that meet the numerous interests of our wide member base ranging from a focus on Academics to Bar Nights to general meet-and-greet socials.



2. BSA - Black Student Association

The BSA is a student-run club at Western Ontario dedicated to supporting the black community at Western and enhancing their student experience!



3. WICSA - Western Indo-Canadian Students' Association

WICSA has been organizing cultural, social, academic, and philanthropic events for over 30 years, making it one of the oldest of its kind. Since its establishment in 1983, WICSA has grown to become an organization with a strong sense of community. From founding Sitaron Ki Mehfil, an inter-university dance competition and cultural show comprising acts from university students across the province, to organizing our annual Charity Basketball Tournament, too many other smaller networking-based events. Through these events, WICSA provides our members with a sense of family and culture while away from home.



4. VSA - Vietnamese Students Association

The network strengthens the relationship between the Vietnamese community at the University of Western Ontario and the Vietnamese community of London.


5. TSAAW - Tamil Students’ Association at Western

We embrace the culture of our fellow Tamil students and bring this community together through social activities, volunteer opportunities and traditional events



6. Israel On Campus

If you can't spend next year in Jerusalem, we've got the next best thing. Israel on Campus brings the homeland a little closer to home. We are a group of Western students who are united in our proud support of Israel, and our interest in giving Western a chance to learn more about Israel's people, culture, politics, and life. In the last couple of years, We hosted big-name speakers to packed audiences. We raised money for Israeli charities. We hosted a concert of Israel's biggest hip-hop band. We ran letter-writing campaigns in support of Israel. We taught students Krav Maga, the Israeli martial art. We held weekly Hebrew lessons. We held seminars on Israel advocacy. We stood up in support of Israel whenever and wherever necessary. And we held Western's biggest cultural awareness day Israel Day. What are we going to do this year? You'll have to wait and see. But, we can guarantee that we'll be standing alongside the little state that could and continue to bring a little piece of Israel to Western



7. Indigenous Student Association

The Indigenous Student Associations goal is to maintain a sense of community among their peers and across campus while also attempting to provide programming, events, and workshops in order to educate Western's Campus about Indigenous peoples, their nations/tribes and their distinct cultures alongside current issues involving Indigenous peoples presently.



8. ASA - African Students’ Association

A cultural club that celebrates and raises awareness of African culture at Western University and around the City of London. We also engage our members in socio-political forums that provide a platform to discuss issues Africans face in Canada and abroad. Our vision is to create a better awareness, understanding and appreciation of Africa culture, to break down social barriers between Africans and non-Africans.



9. Gujarati Students Association

We strive to promote and celebrate the Gujarati culture for both the students and faculty of Western University.



Didn’t find a community for you? Check out the Western University Student Council full list of organizations here.

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