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5 Sustainable Ways to Wrap your Gifts this Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner, but this year rethink your usual way or wrapping gifts with wrapping paper, and try something new! Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled because of dye, lamination or other non-paper products in it, so here are some alternatives that are both aesthetic and eco-friendly!

1) Newspaper

Everyone has a ton of leftover newspaper in their house. Instead of buying new wrapping paper, use newspaper as an easy and affordable (because it's literally free) option. Newspaper may not always look the best on its own, but if you dress it up with a reusable ribbon and some leaves or sprigs of pine, your gifts will look great, and it will cost you almost nothing!

2) Old pieces of tissue paper, brown paper, etc.

It's great to use almost anything you can find around the house. We all have those stray pieces of tissue paper from gifts in bags, so take a few of those, and mix and match different colours to get some nice layering. As for the brown paper - that classic look will never go out of style, you’ll get all the Christmas vibes from a gift wrapped in brown paper with a bow and a few Christmas tree sprigs.

3) Pieces of cloth (old or new)

If you have an old piece of cloth lying around, great! But if not, don’t worry, you can buy some pretty cheap at a craft store and sometimes even the dollar store. Any piece of fabric would work: a dish towel, a shirt, a cute scarf, anything you can get your hands on! Any gift would look beautiful wrapped in a brightly coloured cloth, and since it's reusable it's almost like getting a two-in-one gift!

4) Cloth bags

Many craft stores sell cloth bags for relatively cheap. These bags are great because they are beautiful, and there is no hassle in having to wrap it! You just have to throw your gift in the bag, and you’re good to go.

5) Recyclable wrapping paper

If you are really attached to wrapping paper, then try investing in some recyclable wrapping paper from a local small business or craft store.

The holidays are one of the largest times of year for trash and waste production. It's important that we do our part to reduce this amount of waste, and start using more eco-friendly and reusable gift wraps and products. Remember to save all the pieces of paper and scraps from the gifts you receive, so you can use them next year. Happy Holidays!

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